Thursday, June 21, 2012

#31 - Production Photos

I... am the GIANT!" — with Melissa Rodriguez

"--each day!" - with Candace and Libby

"I'm a MAN!" - with John Kobernick

The Wolf shares her dreams. — with Rachel Oldenburg, Megan Schroeder and Kimberly Lyn Casey

Nat and Candace make sure John is in just long enough to pass out from lack of air.

"I cannot wait!"

"...and Chester defeats Sandstone in hand-to-hand combat, like Spock and Kirk, proving he's the bigger badass!"
"I don't think that's how it goes."
"Maybe he has an older edition of the script?"
"Mine says I end up with the Baker." — with John Joseph Kobernick, Tom Deichsel, Rachel Oldenburg, Kimberly Lyn Casey and Whitney Lynn Spence at Malt House Theatre.

Lily goes for her best attack! - with Julie Patten and Kim Casey

The Baron shows his true colors. - with John, Nathaniel, and Candace

"Weird?!" — with Julie Patten and Kimberly Lyn Casey at Malt House Theatre.

 The lovely townsfolk of the Kingdom of the Roses prepare for the upcoming wedding

Sooooooo dreamy!

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