Sunday, June 3, 2012

#27 - A Colorful Cast of Characters

As production continues on, the cast is really finding some fantastic things to do with all their characters. Even the ensemble have begun to develop characters. Hopefully when everything is all said and done, everyone will be a scene stealer! I'm a big fan of Mason and Mason and Desmond the Drunk's moment in the Giant's woods, and the Baker's screech is gonna have the audience rolling. And Sandstone's ladies swoon like no one else! And while everyone perfects their on-stage persona and finds their moments to shine, Katlin, our costume designer has been hard at work developing the outfits for our merry band of players. Here are some sketches below. These are simply the quick design sketches, and they look so cool! Imagine what our cast will look like with these get-ups on.

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