Thursday, December 15, 2011

#1 - The Show

Hi everyone! T.C. here ready to start reaching out via the internets with the first of many posts. As July 12th approaches, I am going to keep this site updated with lots of fun stuff. First up: What is The Princess Knight all about anyway? Initially, I thought I'd make the whole script available, but then realized that giving it all away could take some fun out of it. So, instead of dropping the entire play here, how about the kind of description you might find slapped on the back of the movie's box:

"Scarlet is an imaginative princess of the Kingdom of the Roses in this "Once Upon a Time" tale. After being engaged to marry to a typical Prince Charming, Scarlet meets Chester who just might be everything she has always hoped for. Meanwhile, the villainous Baron decides that he's going to "do what villains always do" and kidnap this beautiful princess. But things don't turn out as expected. The Baron kidnaps Chester by mistake. Scarlet, with the help of her loyal sidekick Lily, disguise as Knight and Squire determined to be the heroes.

What follows is a journey through the land of fantasy where we meet many interesting creatures - a Troll who wants to go to Knight School, a Not-So-Giant Giant, an evil witch with a girlish crush, a villain working through anger management with the help of a desperate Therapist, a Wolf who was once a man, a pompous yet brave Prince Charming, and a spunky fourth-wall-breaking servant.

The Princess Knight is a mixture of classic musicals and film set to original music and filled with quick wit and touching moments."

So, there it is. Now you've got the idea, but only the beginning of understanding what this show is all about. I'll be posting regularly with all sorts of things, but if there is something in particular about the show that you're interested in, let me know in these comment sections, or on the facebook wall.

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