Thursday, March 14, 2013

The Characters

Below you will find a casting call and information on every role in the story. 

OPEN CASTING CALL FOR VOICE ACTORS Firmament Films Productions (The Seven Year Wish, Filling In) has optioned the stage musical T.C. De Witt's the Princess Knight for a feature length film and is need of voice actors. This NEW version of the fairy tale will no longer be presented as a staged live performance, instead, the once upon a time adventure has been re-imagined as a PUPPET FEATURE. You can see the Kickstarter Campaign for this project at There, you can see one of the test scenes with three of the characters as well as an explanation about the project as a whole. The Firmament Films Casting Director is now accepting submissions for all principle roles. If you are interested in being considered for a role in this film, please record audio of yourself performing a short comedic monologue. This monologue can come from the show itself or from another film or play. Choose something that shows off your best character voice and personality. Perform using the VOICE of the character you would like to be considered for. There is need of voices of all kinds - An Evil Mad Sorcerer, a simple minded Troll, a gruff and lonely Wolf, a spunky hand maiden, a storytelling young bard, a Prince Charming, and more! ... All submissions should be sent to the Firmament Films Casting Director at All recordings should begin with your name (first and last) followed by the character you are performing as, and where your monologue has come from. (e.g.) Hello, my name is FIRST, LAST, and I am reading for the part of CHARACTER. I will be performing a monologue from SOURCE. Recording will take place in the Madison and Milwaukee area. Deadline for submissions is March 21st, 2013. Information on ALL THE CHARACTERS can be found at  


 Princess Scarlet - A young dreamer determined to find her Happily Ever After. She is a classic Disney Princess-type, much like Ariel, Sleeping Beauty, and Rapunzel. HERE is more info.  

Chester - An adventurous, young bard, of sorts. Chester roams the woods sharing the tales he has collected from all over the lands. He is kind, imaginative, and the second born son in his rather impressive family. More info HERE about Chester.  

Baron Von Briar Thorn - The evil madman who does everything a bad guy is supposed to do... although, he has recently hired himself an anger management therapist to work out some of his evil issues. More on Baron HERE.  

The Therapist - This GERMAN accented and poor anger management therapist to the Baron, this poor doctor is trying his darndest to help figure out what make the Baron so darn evil. HERE is more on the Therapist.  

Vesper - The royal witch to the Baron Von Briar Thorn. She lives to serve her master, encouraging him to remain as gloriously evil as ever! More on this wicked lady HERE.  

The Wolf - Spy for the Baron, the Wolf was once a man who has had his memory taken from him. He hopes to one day be free of the Baron and search the land for something more. THIS ROLE CAN BE PLAYED BY A MALE OR A FEMALE. More info HERE about this lonely guy.  

The Troll - The hapless Troll guards the bridge into the evil Baron's lands, but really, he just wants to go to knight school. He's a bit slow and dumb, but a nice guy at heart. THIS ROLE CAN BE PLAYED BY A MALE OR A FEMALE. Find more info HERE.  

The Not-So-Giant-Giant - Guardian of the woods of the Baron, the Giant... is not so giant. Cursed to believe she has the height of a monster, this tiny little one stomps and shouts as though a hundred feet tall, but in reality, she is the tiniest little thing in the cast. The Giant is like a little kid, easily distracted and silly. THIS ROLE CAN BE PLAYED BY A MALE OR FEMALE. Stomp over HERE for more on the Giant.  

Prince Sandstone - The typical Prince Charming, Sandstone fancies himself the hero of this tale, but he is only out for adventure and glory. He is not a bad guy - not a villain - but he sure is a bit full of himself. HERE is all you need to know about Sandstone.  

King/Queen Rose Petal and Emperor/ress Prickle - The rulers of the two lands of our tale and parents to our heroes and lovers. Rose Petal is joyous and cheerful, constantly expecting the best for her dear daughter Scarlet. Prickle, slightly more uptight, is serious and a touch snobbish, demanding the best for his sons. BOTH OF THESE ROLES CAN BE PLAYED AS MALE OR FEMALE Learn more about these rulers HERE.  

The Butcher, the Baker, the Candlestick Maker, and the Drunk/Fool - These supporting characters take up the challenge of rescuing the Princess Scarlet. The three tradesmen are bumbling and clumsy. The Baker leads the bunch, though not the sharpest, the Candlestick Maker shows a good amount of yellow, while terribly infatuated with the beautiful Princess, and the Butcher puffs his chest to show how brave and strong he is, though is usually the first to run for cover. And the Drunk?... He hardly knows he's along for the adventure, content to sip from his goblet and tag along. ALL THESE ROLES CAN BE PLAYED MALE OR FEMALE. More info on these three and a half stooges HERE.

Lily - The handmaiden to the Princess Scarlet, Lily has the ability to talk to the audience. She has A LOT to say, babbling on and on about the details at length. She is central to the narration, and guides the audience through the adventure. Lily has the most to say in the tale and is always ready to sing... though she never gets her chance. Lily has many, many opportunities for improvisation, and someone with the right amount of experience should be responsible for taking her on. She is sweet and caring and runs around in a panic, and is ready to assist her Princess without question. HERE is info on this wonderful character.

Thank you, and good luck.

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