Tuesday, August 7, 2012

#38 - The Future

And they all lived happily ever...

Wait a minute!

We've reached the end of our adventure, but the story is not complete. We have so much to look forward to in the coming months. The original cast recording is nearly complete. From what I've heard from Jamison, it sounds wonderful! The iTunes account will be online and ready for visitors in the next weeks. I will be sharing some exclusive tracks that will not be featured on the album. These tracks will lead up to the release of the Original Soundtrack. The DVD is being worked on as well, and it looks spectacular. If things continue as planned, the two will be released simultaneously. The cast will receive the CD, and those who've already ordered the DVD will get that as well. Orders for both will be available soon.  Also, I have literally thousands of photos to sift through. I'm excited to show you all the wonderful moments that were captured by so many cameras over the month of production. So many happy memories.

Now that we are settled back in California, I will have plenty of time to share all of these things with you. We continue on!

And the Princess Knight is going on as well. Janet Palmer has decided to produce the show with her school in the coming year. I would love it if as many of the original cast could reunite and go support these kids on Opening Night. It will be so fun to see what they do with the characters and story we all created - to see what they do the same and what they do differently. I look forward to the reunion!

Though I've tried, I can never thank you all enough for what we've accomplished. It was truly a dream come true. Honestly and truly. I miss you all already, but we will all share the memories. "All good things..." and all that.

So, onward! Hand-in-hand, let's keep dreaming. The story never end... As in life, there is always more to tell. There is always...

to be continued...

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