Saturday, July 7, 2012

#34 - Clean-up Day

Well, after a ten hour day, the theater is clean, the set and stage painted and spiked, the tent is up, and everything ready for the monster day of Double Run Sunday - Bump-bump-BUMMM! A great turn out today. Thank you for every hand that helped. The clean-up day is notorious for creative excuses, but I'm proud to say that nearly every cast member appeared today. Tomorrow is the longest of days, but with the potluck in the middle, things should stay relatively upbeat. We'll have a small audience tomorrow too with the return appearance of the guys from Firmament Films (the brilliant gents who helped film our commercial, watch it again HERE and spread the word!). My fellow filmmakers are going to begin capturing footage for our forthcoming DVD. It'll be a pleasure having them, if only to give you all a small audience of people who haven't heard the jokes and songs a thousand times. Everyone is really bringing this production together and ready for the public. I appreciate all the hard work and minimal complaining about heat in those costumes. Let's have some fun tomorrow - FOCUS! ENERGY! PROJECT! and SMILE! --T.C.

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